Bergforsk - Gruvbranschens forum
The 3rd Bergforsk Annual MeetingSignificant achievements – 23rd May 2007 (Aula Aurora)

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13.00 Registration, refreshments
Welcome & Introduction
Björn Öhlander, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Luleå University of Technology,
Göran Bäckblom, MITU
The anatomy of three commodity booms
Marian Radetzki, Guest Professor in Economics at Luleå University of Technology
Mergers in the minerals industries
Patrik Söderholm, Professor of Economics at Luleå University of Technology
Exploration in Sweden: Potential, opportunities and current R&D
Pär Weihed, Professor/Head of Division.Division of Ore Geology and Applied Geophysics
Modelling of failure in rock: Recent developments
Erling Nordlund, Professor/Head of Division Mining and Geotechnical Engineering
15.30 Application of seismic systems to pin-point the location of the drill-bit in real time
Anders Nordqvist, LKAB
Co-ordination chemistry of adsorption in froth flotation
Anna-Carin Larsson, PhD Division of Chemistry at Luleå University of Technology
Challenges and opportunities in modern smelting
Theo Lehner, Boliden Mineral AB
Embedded systems for extreme and harsh conditions. Present status and outlook for the future
Jerker Delsing, Professor in Industrial Electronics at Luleå Univiversity of Technology
17.20 Recycling in metallurgical processes
Caisa Samuelsson , Lecturer in Process Metallurgy at Luleå University of Technology
Remediation of tailings impoundments: Time evolution of groundwater quality
Björn Öhlander, Professor in Applied Geology at Luleå University of Technology
18.25 Summary and closure
Björn Öhlander and Göran Bäckblom
Strategies for excellence In technology and services – 24th May 2007 (Aula Aurora)
08.30 Registration, refreshments
09.00 Welcome speech
Lars-Eric Aaro, Chairman of the Swedish Mining Research Foundation MITU and Vice President LKAB
Current trends in the global metal and mineral market and industry responses
Magnus Ericsson, CEO, Raw Materials Group
Industry perspectives on R&D to maintain technological leadership
Martin Ivert, Chairman SveMin, CEO LKAB
Information on industry development
Peter Strömbäck, Director/Head of Division for Research, Innovation and Industry Development. Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications.
10.50 The Mining Research Programme – perspectives from VINNOVA and the Industry
Per Eriksson, Director General, VINNOVA, Ulf Marklund, Boliden Mineral AB
Two new RTD Programs for the Industrial minerals, Aggregates and Dimension stone sectors
Jan Bida, Technical Director SBMI
Present status of mining R&D and education at Luleå University of Technology
Pia Sandvik Wiklund. President Luleå University of Technology
Award Ceremony. Best PhD, Lic and Master Thesis 2006
Lars-Eric Aaro
13.30 Presentations by Award Winners
Désirée Nordmark, M Sc Thesis:
Stabilization of CCA-contaminated soil by addition of iron compoundsRanjan Kumar Dwari, Licentiate Thesis:
Thermal non-coking coal preparation by triboelectric dry process.

Daniela Rusanova-Naydenova, Doctor Thesis:
An NMR Synopsis of the coordination chemistry of Copper (I) Dithiophosphate clusters.

The Globalisation of Mineral Industry R&D
Deming Whitman, CEO Amira International

Strategic Research Agenda for Europe. R&D in Polish mining industry
Henryk Karas, Chairman High Level Group for the Technology Platform Sustainable Mineral Resources, R&D Director KGHM Cuprum

15.40 R&D at Xstrata Nickel
Graham Swan, Principal Rock Mechanics Engineer at Xstrata Nickel
R&D at Atlas Copco Construction and Mining Technique
Sverker Hartwig, Vice President Technology at Atlas Copco CMT
Information on the Poster Session
Pär Weihed, Luleå University of Technology
Lars-Eric Aaro
17.00 Poster Session with refreshments